Charged once

Each module includes tactical videos, deployable presentations, and actionable scripts. 

  • Feature Module 1: Buyer Conversion
  • Feature Module 2: Realtor Acquisition

Bootcamp Package


Charged monthly for 3 months

For IMPLEMENTERS who want an implementation plan and coaching along the way! 

  • Feature Toolkit
  • Feature 90-Day Plan to Implement Toolkit
  • Feature WhatsAPP Group
  • Feature 8 Live Coaching Webinars
  • Feature Barry Habib's Certified Mortgage Advisor® Course & Designation

**** Bootcamp started November 1st and is no longer available! ****




We are fighting the same uphill battle, we get it.

The good news is, Triibe has 5 Co-Creators with over 97 years of experience and an army of Mortgage Branch Managers and Loan Officers on the front lines of every issue you’re facing. We’ve created THE CONVERSION PARTNER TOOLKIT and BOOTCAMP to help you. 

Learn how to move buyers OFF the fence, bulletproof their offers and get them into homes during this challenging time!

Our goal is to leapfrog you over the confusing phase of trying to figure out where to begin and what to do/say through trial and error.

This toolkit provides you a 1 to 2 year short cut!

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This module trains you on how to UNFREEZE and BULLETPROOF buyers!

Specifically, it will teach you what questions to ask and then what to say, in order to take someone from “I’m not sure,” to “I can’t wait.”

  • Session 1: Getting the attention of buyers during your first call
  • Session 2: What and how to present during the “Dreams & Goals” call
  • Session 3: What and how to present at the “Pre-Purchase Consultation” meeting
  • Session 4: What and how to present our “Bulletproof Buyer” presentation to both buyers and realtors
  • Session 5: How to lead the “Contract Meeting” with buyers including…what to say to buyers to stop them from trying to control when you lock the loan



This module trains you on what you should be presenting to Realtors to earn their business and solve their biggest problem (getting more deals)

  • Session 1: Getting the attention of Realtors
  • Session 2: The presentation you will deliver to Realtors
  • Session 3: What and how to present at a private “Introductory” meeting
  • Session 4: What and how to present at the “Business Partnership Planning” meeting




⇒ Toolkit (7 hrs of tactical video training on deployable presentations & scripts)

⇒ 8 Live Coaching Webinars (recordings will be added to your portal)

⇒ 90-Day Plan to Implement Toolkit Trainings

⇒ Bootcamp WhatsApp GROUP

⇒ Barry Habib's Certified Mortgage Advisor® Course & Designation (First-time access OR renewal if you've already completed the course. Renewals pay for your required 8 National CE credits for the year)

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**** Bootcamp started November 1st and is no longer available! ****

"Just did my first lock strategy call. Script is awesome, coupled with the fact I just went over the CMA module on bonds and yield. Client was impressed as was his financial advisor who was on the Zoom call as well! He asked for a meeting next week."

- Melissa, Bootcamp Participant

"I asked one of my top agents to practice with me on the Bullet Proof Buyer presentation…now we are doing a webinar live event for her 1000+ database. Great stuff. Thank you!"

- Kellie, Bootcamp Participant

**** Bootcamp started November 1st and is no longer available! ****

"Love this program. This is an incredibly unique opportunity for us, and coaching clients, to have meaningful conversations with proven experts in the field. Thank you TEAM TRIIBE for taking the initiative and executing to shift change and share your wealth of knowledge."

- Daryn, Bootcamp Participant







"I received two new leads from a realtor and reached to them and did the initial call script with both and moved straight into the discovery call for one. I woke up this morning and a completed application with documents are waiting to be processed. Yay!"

- Tiffany, Bootcamp Participant

CMA Certified Mortgage Advisor® PARTNERSHIP with barry habib

We have partnered with Barry Habib and team to fully  SCHOLARSHIP your access to his $2000 CMA Certified Mortgage Advisor program. Each Triibe coach has completed the CMA program and we are consistently turning to Barry Habib as a leading resource within the industry.

The CMA program was designed to educate and elevate the level of mortgage knowledge within the loan officer community. It encompasses 30 years of Barry Habib’s mortgage market and economics experience into a fast-paced and exciting designation for today’s loan Officers.

Our goal is that every loan officer we work with goes through the CMA program so they are fully equipped to deliver the most value to their families.


CMA teaches:

  • How to Be an Advisor to Combat Fintech
  • Understanding the Markets
  • Understanding Economic Reports
  • The Fed and Recession Indicators
  • Technical Analysis​
  • ​Drive business through Social Media

How CMA and THE BOOTCAMP work together TO HELP YOU:

  • CMA is a one-time infusion of knowledge that ensures you are an informed and certified mortgage advisor. (with yearly renewal)
  • Barry Habib’s MBS Highway is a daily enforcement to make sure you stay educated on the market and equipped to add value to your customers. 
  • Triibe membership helps you deploy your knowledge into the real time scripts, presentations that are working to unfreeze & bulletproof buyers in today's market and to become the perfect conversion partner for Realtors.

If you are looking to become THE resource for your referral partners, customers and community, the combination of Triibe Coaching's Perfect Conversion Partner Bootcamp + CMA Certified Mortgage Advisor™ was made for you.

"I'll be presenting the Bulletproof Buyer presentation at three different realtor offices during their sales meetings over the next two weeks…definitely excited for the opportunity. I’ve been practicing and think I’ve watched Josh’s presentation of it at least 10 times."

- Eric, Bootcamp Participant