Member only Retreats

We believe in bonfires and guitars. We know nature instantly infuses us all with joy and catapults us into reflection. Our member retreats are intentionally designed to be filled with a blend of deep reflection, fun, challenging discussions, exploration in the outdoors, the sharing of productive tools, and breaking bread together. 

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Public Events

Our public facing events are designed for larger audiences. They are a blend of presentations, masterminding challenges/solutions together in smaller groups, and reflecting on key takeaways to ensure you leave with an implementation plan for the most impactful ideas.

Topics of presentations include: Owning your time, scaling your business, building a team, lead generation, lead conversion, the three things you need to do to truly connect to clients, and the activities you should be focused on for where the market is RIGHT NOW. Strategies and tactics are critical, but we never forget to integrate fun and intimacy. We know that half our value is in bringing together the groups of amazing humans that we curate.

Check out last year's Mastermind Summit held in Las Vegas.


When you’re out to do something as audacious as transform the entire mortgage industry, we know you need both the tools and inspiration to keep going. Our events are a time to celebrate and double down on our shared purpose: To help our clients build wealth and bring abundance to every life we touch.

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